"The Sobering Faith Newsletter"

by Gerald Zgabay

The journey doesn’t have to be perfect, especially when you’re not alone.
Discover Hope Amidst Chaos: An Invitation to Journey Deeper into Gerald Zgabay's Story and Overcome Life's Struggles with Faith

Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Welcome to the Sobering Faith Newsletter – a space for those who are seeking to overcome difficulties in their faith journey. We offer first-hand experiences, shedding light on navigating difficult situations and finding hope amid chaos. Our ultimate goal is to help you find freedom from the addictions and dependencies that negatively impact your life, relationships, and marriage, and enable you to live a life fully devoted to God. We provide a complementary resource guide that you or your small group can use to journey deeper into Gerald's story. Gerald Zgabay's memoir, Sobering Faith, is a heartfelt exploration of his sometimes-chaotic journey of faith. It encourages those struggling with everyday challenges in life to stay on their journey, despite the messiness of it all. It’s a reminder that stumbling blocks can be overcome, and that building a stronger bond with God is within reach. Our newsletter speaks to individuals facing difficulties in their faith journey – whether struggling with church attendance, dealing with secret dependencies on internet pornography, or questioning their faith altogether. We encourage our readers to become open, honest, and free-thinking individuals who are unafraid to explore the world around us. Our books delve into the many struggles and questions surrounding faith, ultimately encouraging readers to find authentic joy in their relationship with God. We want to remind you that this relationship is not dependent on any one man, religion, or establishment, but on your willingness to walk, explore, and discover the truth. We invite you to download our free Sobering Faith Resource Guide, which comes in PDF format for printing or ePub for your eReader of choice. Let our resources enrich your journey for truth, faith, and a relationship with God.