"Bringer-of-Death: Portland Hafu Trilogy Prequel Novelette"
by K. Bird Lincoln
Will a Kitsune assassin have the courage to defy the Council and save a Baku?
Prequel Novelette for The Portland Hafu Urban Fantasy Trilogy
Available in MOBI and ePub

Japan lost World War II, but the Tokyo Council still rules the magical Kind with an iron will. When the Council's enforcer, Bringer-of-Death, receives orders to go after a veteran who happens to be a Baku—dream eater— he is caught between the threat of punishment and his desire to help the Baku escape. Can Bringer-of-Death find a way to both protect his family and the Baku? Or will he be trapped as the Council's slave forever? Download this novelette, Bringer-of-Death, to experience Fujiwara Ken's very first meeting with the Baku Herai Akihito— way before he encounters Akihito's daughter, Koi Pierce, at the start of Dream Eater, the first book of K. Bird Lincoln's multi-cultural Portland Hafu Urban Fantasy Trilogy.