"Kate's Take"

by Libby Waterford

Spend a day on the set of Sawyer's Cove!
Meet the stars of Sawyer's Cove in this sexy, funny contemporary romance story.
# Romance
# Contemporary
# Small Town
# Steamy

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Kate Treanor is living a dream: she's guest starring on her favorite TV show, the cult teen drama Sawyer's Cove. Not only does she get to meet and work with her idols, but she gets to peek behind the curtain at all the backstage drama. Follow Kate as she learns who's dating who, who hates who, and what big reveal the handsome, mysterious show runner has in store for the stars of Sawyer's Cove. Spend a day with Kate on the set of Sawyer's Cove in this prequel story, which can be read as a standalone while introducing you to Misty Harbor, the setting for the Sawyer's Cove: The Reboot series. Can't get enough of Kate? Read her standalone, full-length novel Can't Fight This Feeling!