"The Fool's Journey"

by Killian Wolf

“Don’t kill” is a no-brainer. But what if it’s for a good reason?
A YA, Epic Fantasy Adventure
# Young Adult
# Sword & Sorcery
# Romance
# Mythology
# Adventure

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My name is Harold and my family is cursed. When my aunt made the tough call to pull my mother from life support, she enacted the curse of the Frost Giants, freezing herself from the inside. To save her, all I had to do was step through the portal, but one wrong move sent me flying off to Tarotland, a place where the tarot cards have come to life. The good news is I still have my runes. The bad news? Magicians are illegal here. Not to mention, I haven’t exactly come into my powers yet... and I can’t get the portal to reopen. My salvation is a breathtaking native. She makes me act like a Fool, but she also told me about a sword that cuts through any doorway. Power doesn’t come without sacrifice, though. With a mysterious predator out for blood, and my name on every wanted poster, who knows if we’ll make it before my aunt breathes her final breath?