"Forensics and Dragon Fire: A 'Fantasy & Forensics' Short Novel"
by Michael Angel
C.S. Lewis meets CSI...
...when Amazon Bestselling author Michael Angel presents a new short novel in the 'Fantasy & Forensics' series.
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

In Centaur of the Crime, LAPD Crime Scene Analyst Dayna Chrissie had to solve a royal murder before war broke out between human and centaur. Now Dayna's got a brand new case. When one of Andeluvia's dragon riders is found torn apart by his mount, she's got a golden opportunity to prove her worth to the new ruler and his nobles. When evidence of a darkly plotted murder surfaces, she's got her work cut out for her. Yet in a land of treacherous nobles and war-mongering knights, Dayna must decide how far she'll go to uncover the truth - and what price she's willing to pay to expose it! Note: Forensics and Dragon Fire is a short novel set in time between Book 1 - Centaur of the Crime and Book 2 - The Deer Prince's Murder.