"Terra's Story: The Protectors' Archives Book 1"

by Barbara Snow

Evil isn’t mocking anymore.
Terra became a cop to keep bad things from happening to other girls, too. But she underestimated what it would cost her sensitive, empath's soul.
# Action
# Fantasy
# Occult
# Women's Fiction
# Romance

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She wanted to prevent others from experiencing the trauma, only to find herself cleaning up the messes after, not before... and it almost destroyed her. She had to learn to fight it where it began, on the spiritual level, where evil starts. Where it mocks the impotence of ordinary tools against the supernatural. Terra goes home to the island in search of her supernatural mentor's assistance to arm herself with the tools she needs to fight this evil at its source. But can she learn to integrate her ordinary reality with her supernatural essence? Or will she be too late to make a difference?