"Mystic Bonds "

by CC Solomon

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New urban fantasy: Mystic Bonds

Available in MOBI and ePub

Magic was my saving grace, but my power is my damnation. My transition into a supernatural creature was the only reason I survived the apocalypse. I thought that was the worst I’d ever have to endure, but I was definitely wrong. With half the human population wiped out and a majority of the survivors developing a power of their own, the non-gifted humans aren’t happy with their station in life. My brother and I have to go on the run from the non-gifteds who want to steal our magical blood to create a power-inducing serum. Our only hope for survival, and the continued existence of our missing friends, is to find a hidden paranormal city and the literal man of my dreams. A handsome and alluring stranger plagues my dreams by night but by day? A not-so friendly--but oh-so sexy--werejackal claims my attention. We journey to the promised land together, but once we find it? It’s definitely not what we expected an we have to face incredible peril that may prevent me from saving my friends. Can I really sacrifice my freedom to save those I care about?