"All His Secrets"

by Tienna Wilde

Deadly Secrets, Dangerous Desires
Meet the Black Mask Killer
# Dystopian
# Action
# Adventure
# Superhero

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Thomas Ambrose is the vigilante called the Black Mask Killer. He goes where the police don't go. He does what the police can't do. And he kills men that the law can't touch. His war is personal, and he will not stop until he has made New York safer for the innocent, and avenged those whom he could not save. He has dedicated his life, and his secret fortune, to this mission. He never expected that anything—or anyone—would become as important to him as his work. Criminal analyst Catherine Farrows came to New York for a fresh start after work burnout and a bad breakup. She never expected that meeting her sexy neighbor Thomas would be part of the deal, but welcomes him into her life. But as their passionate affair matures into love, she is suddenly forced to work against his alter-ego, as the police call on her to help them catch the Black Mask Killer. Thomas needs her connections with the police to help him in his work and keep them off his trail, and needs her, to balance the darkness and horror of a vigilantte's life. To determine whether he can trust her, he plans a test...one in which the Black Mask approaches her without revealing his identity. But the test reveals a complication: he can hide his face behind a mask, and his body behind armor; he can disguise his voice. But he cannot hide his feelings for her...or his desire.