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"Induction (Sid & Sin #1) (The Sid & Sin Series)"

by T.K. Eldridge

They weren't supposed to exist.
A paranormal mystery with twins who are shifter/witch hybrids.

Available in MOBI and ePub

They weren't supposed to exist. Sidonie & Sinclair Boudreau were the offspring of a witch and a shifter. Such pairings usually resulted in death. Sid & Sin had not only survived, but thrived, and managed to sidestep the family legacy of supernatural policing. The disappearance of their parents changed everything. A cryptic message, an ancient prophecy, and a mystery to uncover in order to bring their parents home puts the twins in the crosshairs of an enemy they didn't know existed. What would you do, to save those you loved? Fans of paranormal mysteries will love this fast-paced, five star ride!