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"Power Rankings - A Powered Personnel Short Story"

by K. A. Maxwell

Exploited by her kidnappers, she has to find new strength and support
A modern strong woman's struggle within a hostile space society
# Action
# Romance
# Superhero
# Sci-Fi
# Fantasy

Available in EPUB and MOBI formats. Read on your Kindle, phone, tablet, computer and more

Lieutenant-Commander Bridget Ebony, found herself stripped of her power and pride.  A cunning mercenary shattered her self-esteem, leaving her grappling with her own weaknesses. In search of a renewed sense of pride, she reconnected with her rugby team. They were her steadfast female companions in the world of powerful Nyxazon women. But, news of her kidnapping formed rifts within the sisterhood. Divisions emerged, with one group demanding action and the others desiring restraint. Caught in the middle, Bridget fought to keep the peace within her team. But fate had different plans. A summons from a priestess of the revered Nyxazon council pulled her from one fight into another.  Will this meeting with the priestess help Bridget find a new source of strength, or deepen the rifts between her Nyxazon sistren?