"The Demon's Prisoner"

by Michelle Scott

What can go wrong when you give away your heart to someone who’s been living in hell for the past twenty years?
A sexy paranormal romance
# Paranormal
# Romance
# Demons
# Adventure
# Supernatural

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Working as a veterinarian for an animal rescue shelter has given Harper a heart for abused strays. So when a mysterious, sexy man shows up at the clinic looking for someone to sew up his wounds, Harper is there to assist. The man calls himself Bishop, and he says he’s on the run from a demon named Barbas who has made him its slave. It’s a hard story to swallow, yet Harper can’t deny that Bishop is surrounded by magic, and that his supernatural allure is impossible to resist. She’s all set for a steamy one-night stand, but then Barbas makes Harper his target and things get personal. Now, she’s willing to help Bishop take revenge on the demon who’s destroyed their lives. And if she falls in love in the process, that’s even better.