by Dr Andrew C S Koh

Rejoice always in the Lord

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Philippians is a very emotional heartfelt, thank-you letter, written by Apostle Paul, who was languishing in a Roman prison. Paul encouraged his audience, including us, to rejoice and be content in the Lord. Reviews: An excellent example of Philippians study guide. Simple and easy to read and receive from God's Word. Not overwhelming. M. Bailey, Amazon, 5 stars. Enjoyed this simple read that engages your heart as you lean on the Scriptural references & principles. I highly recommend it without a doubt! Thanks, Esther Dan, Amazon, 5 stars. I found the book to be a great study guide and a great time to reflect on myself. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to understand Faith better in the Book of Philippians. It has a 5-star rating on Amazon and is authored by Kevin Booker. This is an actual Bible study written in the style of a devotional and serves as a commentary on Philippians. This is written for the non-academic and non-theologian. This is a Christ-centred, life-changing Bible study for lay people. This is a Christ-centred, life-changing Bible study, PAR, Bookbub, 5 stars. . This book helped me to see that Paul’s martyrdom is something beautiful, and it is to be treasured. Paul was obviously a dedicated man. This study guide has helped me to learn more about Paul and his magnificent cause. T. Townsend, Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, 5 stars A great study of the bible on Apostle Paul's’s journey to Philippi where he converted Lydia and her family, the Philippian jailer, and established the church there. This is an easy-to-understand and great book of devotion.J Sharmani, Goodreads, Bookbub, 5 stars The journey of Paul's life provides insight into his role in ministry to Jesus and the people.A very enlightening book, Rowan E. Creech, Goodreads, Bookbub, 5 stars. This was a good basic study of Philippians. I think anytime one studies the Bible, the time is well spent, Voracious reader, Amazon, 4 stars