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"Brightly Burning Bridges"
by Ivy Wild
A Bully Romance
He wasn't my friend until he was my enemy
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Silas and Skyler meet in high school at a party. An accident has Skyler agreeing to a homework arrangement proposed by Silas for the rest of their senior year. But what started as a simple tutoring agreement morphed into something more, until it all came crashing down. Ten years later Skyler and Silas meet again, and once again she is caught up in the intricate webs he weaves. But, it turns out that she has been harboring a secret that may have dramatic consequences for his life. Will Silas and Skyler find their happy ending, or will everything burn to the ground? Brightly Burning Bridges is the story of two lost souls coming together to try and find their missing pieces. It weaves together themes of bully romance, enemies to lovers, and second chance.