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"The Trouble"

by Michael Martin

A perfect place to hide.
*The Da Vinci Code meets The Zodiac Killer.*

Available in MOBI and ePub

Rival legends – the police forces in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic – form an uneasy alliance as homicide detective Adam Kincaid tracks a serial killer during the brutal civil war known as The Troubles. Each murder duplicates the medieval-torture death of a famous saint or martyr, leading Inspector Kincaid to a high-level Church-State cover up and a notorious, border-hopping priest whose infamous crimes the All Saints Slayer, aka the Crucifix Killer, may be trying to avenge. Skeptical about institutions he has embraced since childhood, Kincaid must overcome suppressed fears, buried secrets, and physical injuries to identify a brilliant, ruthless adversary in the chaos of combat and divided loyalties in a land at war with itself. *A smart, poignant thriller whose wily twists and wild turns are as complex, fascinating, and deadly as the seventies Irish landscape they mirror.* *I very much enjoyed reading The Trouble. It has an intriguing premise and I really liked the chemistry between Adam and Sr. Jane Grey throughout the book. Adam Kincaid has an intelligence and a gentleness, but toughness about him that is appealing, and he engages the reader.* *The Da Vinci Code meets The Zodiac Killer.*