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"On The Beat Bonuses"

by Nicole Lam

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Enemies to Lovers Romance
# Clean
# Sweet
# Romance
# Contemporary
# Multicultural

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Ryder Black fears he may be a one-hit wonder after releasing a string of failed singles to follow up his chart-topping debut album. Rocked by a jaw-dropping scandal, he decides to go off the grid to El Nido, Philippines, and get some songwriting done. Too bad his deserted island isn't as deserted as he'd like... By day, Isla Romero writes celebrity fluff pieces. By night, she dreams of writing serious music journalism. When her editor gives her a story to write if she wants to get her dream job, she accepts. Her assignment? Write a bombshell piece about a celebrity, which means following Ryder Black to her parents' hometown and prying his secrets out of him... even if it costs Isla her heart.