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by Craig Copeland
A blueprint for breaking the myth of IQ and learning how to access your own level of radically disruptive genius thinking.
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

“Visionaries and those longing to transform industries should read this. Copeland deconstructs a well-worn concept to deliver refreshing perspectives.” ~ Booklife by Publishers Weekly GENIUS IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS! Everyone strives to become more intelligent. We’ve been conditioned to believe that IQ is the ultimate source of genius. Yet those who have changed the world did so by cultivating a radically disruptive skillset that’s different from what is taught in school or measured by standardized intelligence tests. Now you can learn to use the tools that geniuses throughout history have been using to create, inspire, design our direction, and determine our destiny. And the key to unlocking these powerful tools is as simple as turning a page. “Intellects solve problems. Geniuses prevent them.” ~ ALBERT EINSTEIN Disruptors is a blueprint of how to break free from the shackles of societal standards. It shows us that everything we know about the world is shaped either by creative visionaries who shape the world they want to live in, or by limiting beliefs, tribal conditioning, and the bad habits of routine. These days most people live their lives based on rational thinking, propaganda, survival mentality, and outdated beliefs about chasing money—which are conditioned thinking patterns that our social tribes have passed down to us and that we’ve adopted without question or understanding. But what if you could eliminate these outdated, useless conditions and start fresh? What would your life look like if you could create, shape, and design your destiny from this point forward? What happens if success, purpose, happiness, connection, and enlightenment were your new standards? Where would you go? What would you do tomorrow?