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"War Stories"

by M N Jolley

A Sacrosanct Records short story compilation
A realm at war.

Available in MOBI and ePub

A realm at war. From renowned wizards, taking their place upon the world’s stage, to parents and children struggling to get by, there isn’t a soul alive who isn’t forced to grapple with the conflict raging across the map. No matter who they’re fighting for, everyone is united by a conflict that’s bigger than any of them. War Stories is a compilation of three short stories set in the Sacrosanct Records universe. “Empty Handed” follows Marci Mayweather, opportunistic lieutenant in the sovereignty’s forces. “The Blue Flame” explores David Undertow’s history, and how he came to be the one of the most feared wizards in the realm. And, never before released, “The Handoff” tells the story of Jenny Anderson, trying to keep her home and business alive in the midst of war.