"A Mess of Gravity"

by Julia Huni

Murder in space
A humorous sci fi mystery
# Sci-Fi
# Mystery
# Humorous
# Clean
# Young Adult

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When Techno Inst students jump from the top of the clock tower, no one is worried. Turns out grav belt diving is a popular sport on Kaku. When one of those students hits the ground at terminal velocity, the verdict is suicide. But fellow student Triana Moore suspects foul play, and a friend of the deceased asks her to check into the details. Following the clues will take her to the exclusive Ebony Coast where she'll tangle with an inept police data analyst, an inadequate expense account, and an overabundance of pastry. Join Triana Moore in a hilarious sci fi murder mystery. This book is a stand-alone prequel to the complete Space Janitor series, now available on Kindle Unlimited.