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"The Seer's Sister"
by Carol Beth Anderson
Can two sisters stop the apocalypse?
A YA sci-fi/fantasy novel
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

"THE END," Rena wrote on the calendar square. *** Rena Abrios, the only living seer on the planet of Anyari, has her most horrific vision yet—she foresees the apocalypse. Soon, nearly every human on her peaceful, technologically advanced planet will die. Rena even knows who’s behind it: philanthropist Alvun Merak. This type of prophecy can’t be averted. Despite that, Rena believes her sister, seventeen-year-old Ellin, is meant to fight it. The more Ellin learns about Merak, the more alarmed she becomes. He’s funding an archeological dig with mysterious, world-ending potential. Ellin; her boyfriend, Trett; and Rena scramble to stop him. But Merak’s wealth and power may make him unbeatable. And the seer and her sister know that fate is the fiercest enemy of all. Will anyone survive the prophesied apocalypse? *** This is the prequel to The Magic Eaters Trilogy. If you like sci-fi with fantasy elements, heart-pounding adventure, and romantic subplots, you'll love The Seer's Sister. Download The Seer's Sister for free now!