"Prince in Shadow"
by Anna Bushi
Prince Jay is only sixteen. He is not ready for war or marriage.
Spicy and fragrant tale of medieval India
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Readers, travel back a thousand years with me to the Land of Magadha. Pampered and protected by his sister and father, Prince Jay led a carefree life. Then his father, King Vikram, suffered a battle injury. At sixteen, the litany of acts Jay had never done included fighting in a war. Could Jay overcome his fears and step out of his father’s shadow and assume the mantle of the Crown Prince? Princess Meera assumed she would wed for duty. A noble young man shatters her assumption. A prequel novella to Heir to Malla, this tale opens a window into the Malla dynasty. Royal siblings: Princess Meera and Prince Jay had led a sheltered life. That was about to change. Grab a hot chai and plunge into a tale of royal intrigue laced with love.