"Prince in Shadow"

by Anna Bushi

Injured King. Inexperienced Prince. At sixteen, can Jay overcome his fears to take the mantle of Crown Prince?
This royal Indian saga blazes with adventure and love.
# Medieval
# Historical Fiction
# Coming of Age
# Romance
# Asian

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Jay was not ready to lead men at home or on a battlefield. When the king suffers a battle injury, Jay takes his father's place. The young prince finds himself thrust into danger from foes and enemies masquerading as friends. Can he protect himself, let alone his kingdom? A prequel novella to Heir to Malla, this tale opens a window into the Malla dynasty. Royal siblings: Princess Meera and Prince Jay had led a sheltered life. That was about to change. Grab a hot chai and plunge into a tale of royal intrigue laced with adventure. Complete Land of Magadha trilogy is now available: With the eyes of their sculpted ancestors following their moves from pillars around the palace, the Malla siblings fight to protect their empire—uncovering treason—battling deadly enemies—guarding secrets—without losing their heart.