"Tim Reynolds, Detective: The Death of Noah Black"
by D. N. Bocek
Blade Runner meets Columbo
A Mind-Bending Mystery
Available in MOBI and ePub

Detective Tim Reynolds is no stranger to death. As chief of investigations, he deals with corpses every day. He can handle crime scenes, or so he thinks. But with the locked-room death of Noah Black, no one can explain the injuries. And the inexplicable weapon's still at large, so Tim must throw himself into an investigation stretching all bounds. Evidence mounts; truth evades the team. But as strange pieces of art and ancient gadgets complicate the case, Tim discovers he is more involved in this death than he ever knew. His own past and future, and the life of his family, hang in the balance. If he doesn't win this strange race against time...if he doesn't solve the mind-boggling crime...this case will demand his greatest sacrifice.