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"The Nanny"

by Jessica Lewis

Family Secret
Single Dad's Romance Story
# Romance
# New Adult
# Suspense
# Billionaires

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Kevin I need someone to help me with Tyler, a six-year-old boy, who was brought to my doorstep. I was told that I was his father and that he needed to be taken care of. I don’t know the first thing about being a father. I don’t know anything at all. When my brother, Jonathan, suggests Shelly, our sister, Jenny’s best friend, as a caregiver for Tyler, I begin to think that maybe she could also be my companion. However, will she run if she discovers even a little of the truth about my family? That’s a chance I’m going to have to take. There’s no way that I can keep quiet – I must warn her about my father. Shelly Jenny and I are best friends, however I’ve never met her parents, and I’ve only met one of her brothers, Jonathan. After all these years, I’m finally going meet Kevin Adams, and possibly work for him. But, why am I only setting foot inside their family’s home for the first time, now. The story behind Tyler is a mystery, too. Maybe if I can at least get him to like me, he might open up. I’ve been told he’s a quiet child, but that’s alright – I’ve dealt with quiet kids before. I’m eager to have the dinner interview that Kevin has set up, and while Jenny is more than happy about this opportunity, there’s a mystery surrounding her parents? Why are they in the house and what’s their little secret? Everyone has skeletons in their closets – even little ones.