"Ollie's Story"

by S.R. Hollowell

A Visitor to Ollie's Family Throws His World Into Disarray
Learn about the beginning of a very different life for Ollie and his sisters
# Children's
# Coming of Age
# Middle Grade

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Ollie has been thrust into the role of head of household. At twelve years old, he is trying his best to keep things going now that his Grandpa Delmer had to move out. It’s no small job with three little sisters. Helping with homework. Trying to keep food on the table. Staying awake in school. And the biggie, avoiding trouble that always seems to follow him. Top all of that off with a mom who seems to have given up on life. Somehow he manages with the help of his neighbor Miss Collins, until a visit one evening by a social worker from the Department of Family Services. Explore Ollie’s Story to find out more.