"Heat Waves"

by Ryley Banks

The king will have his elven mate in his arms again—all eight of them—no matter the cost.
A M/M Fantasy Romance Novelette
# Erotic Romance
# Fantasy
# Romance
# Steamy

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Woodland elf Kalysin is thrust into a riptide of dreams as a dangerous drought parches the land. Stolen memories of a bronzed muscled figure who bathed him in ecstasy, but disappeared back into the sea, gone forever. Could the dreams bubbling up from forgotten depths have anything to do with the shadowy stalker in the forests surrounding his liege’s orchards and withering fields of crops? Or have they been stirred up by an evil magic that threatens famine and starvation across the lands? When Kal is forced to make a sacrifice to save his mother, will he survive long enough to be reclaimed by his mate? Or will the real monster doom him to take his memories to the grave?