"Lavender Eyes"

by Kristal Dawn Harris

A Fae stranger asked me to dance?
A sensual Fae claiming
# Romance
# Urban Fantasy
# Fae
# Fantasy
# Erotic Romance

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KALAN Her chin lifted when I sent a sliver of magic to brush against her. It was barely enough to be sensed, but she responded like she felt it, turning in a circle. The breath stilled in my lungs when she faced me for three seconds, bright lavender eyes locking with mine. Every muscle in my body tensed, and desire simmered in my Fae blood. My face tilted, daring her to approach, and wishing she would. A provocative smile lifted her lips before she turned away. DREAMA His intense gaze dropped to my mouth, and I cupped his cheek, sliding my fingers against the rough stubble. An electrical current hummed between us, twisting and strengthening with each breath. Kalan could destroy a woman, and I couldn’t find the will to stop the impending disaster on the horizon. “May I kiss you, Dreama?” Lavender Eyes is a short story, spicy Fae fantasy romance. The book is an addition to the Kings & Queens series available for free. Happy reading!