"Squat Lifts and Smashed Avocado"

by G B Ralph

Squat Lifts and Smashed Avocado
A gay romcom prequel
# Humorous
# Romance
# Coming of Age
# New Adult

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Inspirational arms, clumsy encounters, and a secret that’s gagging to get out… Arthur’s at the gym with mates, then they’re out for brunch – a typical catch up. The thing is, he hasn’t told them he’s gay. After all, Arthur thought he was more comfortable in the closet… But with events conspiring against him, it’s getting increasingly awkward in there… See what the boys get up to in this prequel short story, kicking off Arthur’s tale just a few hours before the start of Duck and Dive, the first book in the Rise and Shine series. The brunching hour approaches… A Rise and Shine Story Word count: 6,000 words Reading time: 20–30 minutes