by Rachel Ford

Tribari Freedom Chronicles
# Dystopian
# Sci-Fi
# Political
# Gritty
# Post-Apocalypse

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A world of absolute want and gaudy excess, nothing is done in half measures in the Tribari empire. When a push for reform is met with brutal crackdowns, a miner from an icy moon colony is caught up in a deadly game of survival - with far more than his life on the line. From the cover: For a week, Brek Trigan has left behind the frigid nights and icy days of life on the mining colony he calls home. He's on holiday to his ancestral planet, and he finds a sparkling, welcoming world of riches and warmth. But the longer he remains, the more he begins to see cracks in the glistening façade. When civil unrest erupts, Brek's plans for a peaceful getaway are dashed. Suddenly he's drawn into a conflict that will change the fate of his people, whether he wants to be or not.