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"Death & Damnation"

by Daniel Greenbrook

Who said fairy tales are for children?
Two dark fables, tied together by the machinations of the mysterious Lady Death and the enigmatic Lord Damnation...
# Fairy Tale
# Coming of Age
# Dark
# Post-Apocalypse
# Fantasy

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Death & Damnation contains two stories. You'll understand how they're connected only at the very end. The first begins on an almost apocalyptic note: After a deadly plague shatters their lives, two young men roam the world following the counsel of Lady Death and the whims of Lord Damnation. Arthur – the man of action – and Cyrus – who loves thinking above all else. They’ll do anything to find solace, though a keen observer would tell you that what they’re really looking for is meaning. But they do not know the cost of what they wish for... The second brings us before the catastrophe. On a cold winter day, a misunderstood and self-sacrificing man named Mason welcomes a black-clad stranger in his home. This is not just any wanderer, however: he has an offer Mason simply cannot refuse…