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"Naaman's Faith"

by Mary Jane Humes

Free 8-Day Bible Study Devotional based on the story of Naaman in 2 Kings 5.
Eight days of daily Bible Reading, Bible study, prayer with a daily dash of Biblical fiction.
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HOW DOES A PERSON LEARN TO TRUST GOD? Dip yourself seven times in the water of the Word and find out! Strong, handsome, decorated war hero Captain Naaman was on the verge of losing everyone he loved after he contracted leprosy—an uncurable, contagious, deadly disease. But his wife’s Israelite slave girl had a wish… Join Mary Jane Humes as she weaves both her narrative and insights on Naaman in this eight-day, daily devotional Bible study that brings the Word alive. Each day includes: A study of a portion of 2 Kings 5:1–19 The Little Maid Remembers—A child’s perspective (Biblical fiction) Practical applications that implement Naaman’s faith in your own life Supporting Scriptures for spiritual growth Suggested daily prayers for a closer connection to God Grow your personal faith by learning from Naaman’s decision in this introductory book in the KJV Devotionals for Women series. Trust like Naaman and see what God will do!