"Thief of Lies: A Shadowed Minds Prequel"

by Bree Moore

Love, crime, and magic don’t mix.
Start a bold new urban fantasy series!
# Urban Fantasy
# Paranormal
# Fantasy
# Dark
# Action

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Lee can phase through alternate realms and jump across St. Louis in an instant. What she can’t seem to do is leave her down-on-their luck thieving crew and escape her overbearing cyborg boss. When a handsome stranger offers to help her rob a magical antique shop, she agrees. After all, he only wants one thing from the haul: the odd black stone buried at the back of the shop. Turns out, the stone is cursed. As soon as it’s stolen, horrible things start happening to Lee and her crew. To make matters worse, she’s falling hard for the man who took the cursed stone in the first place. Can Lee find a way to destroy the ancient stone before it ruins them all? Or will her growing feelings keep her from doing what needs to be done? Thief of Lies is a prequel novella in the Shadowed Minds series. Join author Bree Moore’s fantasy fanatics newsletter today to start reading!