"Madcaps: 1989"

by Sierra Storm

When breaking the fourth wall goes further than expected.
A zany, upbeat urban fantasy story involving parallel worlds and a cartoon come to life.
# Adventure
# Fantasy
# Humorous
# Magic
# Urban Fantasy

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Madcaps: 1989 is a novella prequel to the Madcaps urban fantasy series. In what would turn out to be the last episode of the classic cartoon Madcaps, Dr. Doomstayer builds one invention that surpasses his others: a portal to another world, a world that defies screenwriting conventions and would allow him to do anything he likes. But Dr. Doomstayer wants more than freedom. After tricking plucky heroine Mary Madcaps into visiting his mansion alone, he lures her down into his lab to try to bring her along on his new adventure. Unfortunately, Mary isn't as willing to play along as he planned.