"Flashes of Home"

by Hugh Wesley

Tiny tales of hope and remembrance
Moments of respite in an uncertain world
# Western
# Romance
# Pets
# Adventure
# Dark

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In the spring of 2020, the world as we knew it got turned on its ear. People were getting sick and dying. Jobs were evaporating. Economies were collapsing. We were all sent home from jobs and school, and from each other. Stay home, stay inside, try to stay safe — that was the order of the day. It was terrifying and jolting in just about every way you could imagine, and in so many ways we never could have dreamed up. As I hunkered down just like everybody else, I retreated to my keyboard, like I always do. As with reading a book, writing stories is one place I can control my world, at least a little. And so I decided to write one short story — very short, usually — every day, and send it out to other folks who also might be looking for a respite from the constant barrage of bad news. My goal was to focus on happier themes — fatherly love, neighborly goodwill, sweet memories of yesteryear. This book represents a compilation of the first few dozen of those stories. I hope that by the time you’re reading this, your world is a little more normal, a little more secure than it was in March 2020. And whether it is or isn’t, I hope these tiny tales bring you a few minutes of relief, and maybe a glimmer of happiness.