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"Rock Star Daddy"

by Poppy Forbes

Ari and Tommy's romance is going to melt your kindle!
An enemies to lovers contemporary romance
# Rockstar
# Romance
# Contemporary
# Steamy
# Chick Lit

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Ari Silver has been chasing the next big story since she was eighteen. Her bestselling tell-all about Caroline Harper-Bryan was her big break, but ever since its release, her inspiration has been all but non-existent. Ready for a break, Violet convinces her to stick around London. It’s only a matter of time before she crosses paths with her archnemesis. And this time he’s not letting her walk away so easily. Tommy Paxton—The Talon’s bad boy bassist—has had a complicated relationship with the mother of his child, and the last thing he needs is another woman adding more chaos. The fiery redheaded author boils his blood in ways he’s never experienced, yet her pouty lips are, for some reason, the star of his dreams. A blowout fight after his concert leads to an unexpected night, and this time those lips aren’t just in his dream; they are centre stage in his bed. Ari’s cardinal rule of never sleeping with rock stars is broken, and with the one musician she can’t stand. Can she forgive herself? Or will Tommy prove he’s the one rock star worth breaking the rules for?