"Yellow Dog Syndicate"

by J.T. Evans

Can a computer geek pass into the fold of the Yellow Dog Syndicate, or will he lose his life in the attempt?
A Dark Look at Computer Hacking in the Not so Distant Future.
# Action
# Crime
# Espionage
# Futuristic
# Sci-Fi

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Mr. Swan stared hard at his glass of water as if deep in thought. He picked up his butter knife and flipped it with the blade pointed upwards. Pausing for a moment, he lowered the knife into the ice water until it clinked against the bottom of the glass. Mr. Swan looked up to see if Garrett paid attention to this display and smiled. A lump rose in Garrett's throat. He knew those motions. Garrett didn't know what Mr. Swan was going to ask of him tonight, but he could not refuse. The knife in the water was a symbol of invitation to the Yellow Dog Syndicate. This was the break Garrett had been seeking for a long time. A mission or test would follow the invitation, and Garrett could use this chance to break free of the Guru Group and become more than a simple Network Genius.