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"The Silent Maid"

by Annette Spratte

Mystery - Romance - Horses
This teaser introduces you to the perfect historical escape read!
# Christian
# Historical Fiction
# Mystery
# Romance

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Yorkshire 1710 Young Daniel Huntington is offered a position as Master of Horse at the renowned estate of Baronet Brigham. He accepts, overwhelmed by this unique opportunity. While he soon settles into his new life, there is one thing puzzling him: Among the servants is a maid who never speaks and is shunned by everyone. Fascinated by her friendship with a white mare that does not suffer anyone else to touch her, Daniel tries to find out more about the girl. The last words of the old Master of Horse hint at a gruesome secret... This is a SAMPLE containing the first chapters of the historical novel The Silent Maid. To read the full story, you will have to buy the book.