"SAVIOR by Melba Jones"

by Melba Jones

SAVIOR by Melba Jones
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# Vampires
# Romance
# Paranormal
# New Adult
# Fantasy

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Jasper was running late for an event so he took a short cut through the forest. A pale, stunning young woman ran in front of his car and he just couldn't stop. Miraculously, she seemed uninjured from the collision, and much to his surprise, she frantically told him she was escaping from someone...and running for her life! Already full of guilt, Jasper didn't take much persuading to take her home with him. He'd keep her safe. They had a narrow escape as they sped off in his car. Who were these mysterious, psychotic and very dangerous 'brothers' which she spoke of? Whoever they were, they would not harm the sweet woman who he had an instant attraction to. He'd get to the bottom of it... the next day. But all was revealed a little sooner than that. What Jasper wasn’t expecting was to come face to face with her hunters in his bedroom later that night. Exclusive short story for subscribers only. 16+ reader age suggested.