"Betrayal in the Balance"

by MM Desch

When both love and ethics are on the line, darkness falls in this gripping short story about impossible choices.
How far would you fall for true love?
# Crime
# Dark
# Drama
# Psychological Thriller
# Thriller

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In the gripping short story, BETRAYAL IN THE BALANCE by MM Desch, Olivia Hahn's life spirals into chaos as she navigates a web of deception and danger in the seemingly peaceful town of Durango. Haunted by recent losses and desperate to regain control, Olivia finds herself entangled with the enigmatic Kate Nichols, who pulls her into a sinister plot involving betrayal, theft, and a disturbing ultimatum. As Olivia grapples with moral dilemmas and her own past, she is forced to make harrowing decisions to protect her future. With every step deeper into the shadows, the line between ally and enemy blurs, leading to a climactic confrontation that will leave readers astonished. This psychological thriller explores themes of loyalty, trust, and the devastating consequences of secrets.