"Vampire's Fated Mate"

by Lexie K. Stone

Dare to Fall for Your Greatest Enemy
An Enemies-to-Lovers Paranormal romance
# Vampires
# Urban Fantasy
# Paranormal
# Romance

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I never thought my sworn enemy would become my insatiable desire I am a vampire hunter, never to feel anything but hatred towards them. Then Derek revealed his hidden humanity. And before I knew it, my lips pressed against his. A kiss charged with so much passion, it left me trembling. We never should have touched, which I can’t bring myself to regret after he saved be from danger The sensation of his breath on my skin sent shivers down my spine And the way his hands trailed down my back left me wanting more. I'm torn between my duty and my heart, unsure of what the future holds for us. I should end this now, put an end to his existence and protect humanity from his kind. But every fiber of my being is telling me to do something else entirely.