"Before Inferno"

by C. D. Tavenor

An AI. A troubled scientist. A secret agent. What really happened on Mars?
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What really happened on Mars? Only one man knows the truth, and Cassandra Vazquez is determined to discover it. Humanity's progress toward the stars hangs in the balance. The first Mars mission failed; all others might be grounded if the public learns about the terror which afflicted the first humans to step foot on the Red Planet. Yet the truth may be more terrible than any can imagine, including the identity of the crime's perpetrators... _____________________ Experience the exclusive prequel to FIRST OF THEIR KIND, Book 1 of the CHRONICLES OF THEREN. In BEFORE INFERNO, you'll see secret events never-before mentioned in C. D. Tavenor's debut SciFi series. You'll learn truths unknown. It may very well change how you view every page of the rest of the series. BEFORE INFERNO is a perfect entry point into CHRONICLES OF THEREN. Download today.