"The Pack's Dragon"

by Rachel Adams

Fleeing one world to escape death and ending up in another to face war.
Beliefs, traditions, friends, and foes - all clash in this epic prequel to The Dragon Tasker Series.
# Dragons
# Fantasy
# Paranormal
# Romance
# Urban Fantasy

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Senias and his mate escaped their world to elude death, leaving their kindred lovers behind. They’ve found a new home by befriending a pack of wolf-lycan. But how long can this last? Kieran and his pack are fighting for the freedom of all lycan from their elven masters. Meeting the pair of dragons that needed a home was a boon to their cause. But even with the dragons on their side, will the fighting ever be finished? Senias and his friends must wrestle with the problems on the battlefield and the personal dramas happening all around them. Can the pack be kept safe? Who will face heartache, and who will end up with their happily ever after?