by Jaylen Florian

A late night visit to the truck stop showers leads to unexpected complications…
Gay fiction. A novella about exploring attraction to other men in a small town.

Available in MOBI and ePub

A late night visit to a truck stop leads to unexpected complications… Eager for intimacy in a small town, Kieran just wants to experiment with other men. But he is new to town, young and naive. Accustomed to savoring only his fantasies, Kieran's limited real world experience has not prepared him for deceptive people who may harbor secret agendas. Intrigued by three alluring men, Kieran must challenge his wits to determine who he can trust. Leo, the savvy cross country trucker with smoldering eyes? Tom, the ruggedly sexy janitor with a bewildering request? Andrew, a perceptive tattoo artist who may be able to offer him something more than friendship?