"A Fair Deception"

by Lyndsey Hall

Falling for the prince could cost her everything, or make her every dream come true.
A Cinderella-inspired tale of deceit and desire.
# Fantasy
# Young Adult
# Clean
# Romance
# Fairy Tale

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Spare to the throne, Prince Lonan escapes the tedium of the Gnome Castle to go for a ride through the woods on his trusty steed, River. Whilst out riding and dressed as a commoner, he collides with a mysterious young woman hunting pheasants on the Crown’s land. But neither are quite what they seem… Daya's family has fallen on hard times since her father passed, she's forced to put food on the table while her mother and sister work their fingers to the bone to keep the roof over their heads. Could a chance meeting in the forest be the answer to all her problems? When their worlds collide at the Winter Solstice ball and the truth is revealed, will the secrets they keep bring them together, or tear them apart? A FAIR DECEPTION is a companion novella to The Fair Chronicles, set in the Gnome Kingdom.