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"Victor's Body Shop: Ghouls and Gals Series Novella"

by Loretta Kendall

I was on top of the world until the explosion in my lab caused a catastrophic rip in the timeline. Yeah, it’s all my fault, but who am I to complain? I’m a rich, handsome silver fox, and the ladies love me.
“He’s selling ghouls like me on the black market. Underground sex toys. Real-life animation from monsters and the undead. .."
# Romance
# Steamy
# Monsters
# Paranormal
# Drama

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Led by greed, the billionaire bachelor heir to the Frankenstein fortune learns the truths behind his family’s legends. With the secrets of bringing the dead to life, Victor Frankenstein VI turns his newfound knowledge into a sex toy empire with links to the world elites and Hollywood’s entertainment industry. When his most prized creation’s free will is driven by ego and the pressure of fame, the scientist’s fiancée is at risk to fall into the hand of a monster if Victor doesn’t keep promises to make him a star. After a brutal car crash that takes the life of the racing beauty, Georgina, Victor is forced to make her a bride to his very own Frankenstein monster. Just as life as he knows it collapses around him, an explosion in his lab will change the world forever, merging the horror and human realms and starting the Horror Wars.