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by Marie Whittaker

A venomous bite. Magical antidotes. A life-or-death test of a sorcerer's skill.
Electrum is a short epic fantasy story set in the magical realms of Eldros Legacy.
# Adventure
# Drama
# Fantasy
# Horror
# Magical Realism

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When Keena Rem, a young apprentice to an electrum metalsmith, is ambushed by a rogue arachlan—half Human and half Arachnid—who is bent on murder, he fights the creature off until another attacks. Keena suffers a poisonous bite and is left for dead, until his father finds him languishing in the forest. Can a sorcerer pull the venom from Keena's body before the damage takes his life? If he survives, will he be immune to the sting of the Arachlan? There is only one way to test the magical treatment...