"Born to Darkness"
by Autumn M. Birt
Death. Betrayal. Magic Born of Stone and Black Blood.
A Dark Sword & Sorcery Fantasy Novella
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Her father wants her dead. Though Raiann’s twin brother is meant to rule, even he cannot protect her. Not when the king will do anything to ensure his chosen heir will claim the throne. A desperate escape leads to betrayal and a revelation Raiann never wanted to know. Alone without even the protection of her family’s name, Raiann must find a way to survive in a world divided by light and dark. But can she really trust the white-blooded mercenary who offers her help and asks so little in return? Welcome to the first book of Black Throne, Black Blood set in the world of Sundarkk where the tint of your blood influences your magic and may determine your fate. If you love dark sword and sorcery adventure full of magic and with an adult theme, pick up Born to Darkness today!