"Three Scenarios"
by Treesong Treesong
What will my daughter's future look like?
A mother has a vivid dream about three alternate futures for her newborn
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An expecting mother attends a major climate conference in Paris in December of 2015. After giving birth, she has a vivid dream about three versions of her daughter's future. She sees dramatic differences in her daughter's life in 2065 depending on which greenhouse gas emissions scenario the world chooses. But which scenario will her daughter actually experience? Three Scenarios is a complete short story that appears in the Cli-Fi Plus climate fiction anthology. Each story in the anthology combines the theme of climate change with another traditional sci-fi element -- in this case, alternate timelines. Once you've read Three Scenarios, check out the Cli-Fi Plus anthology for more climate tales featuring time travel, robots, aliens, superheroes, dirigibles, zombies, and beyond!