"Mixing Magic & Mayhem"

by Christine Schulz

Mixing Magic & Mayhem
A NightFly series prequel
# Urban Fantasy
# Shifters
# Fantasy
# Magical Realism
# Magic

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Raiding a bakery to confiscate a magical spatula may not have been on Zulli's to-do list for the day, but when she learns a notorious criminal by the name of Ozcar Thorne is using the powerful magic object to mix illegal drugs, this hybrid shifter sharpens her cat claws and unleashes the spider fangs for a day of butt kicking and free cake. Alongside her teammates, Zulli sets out on a mission to investigate the Sixth Scents Bakery, but when their plan goes sideways, she discovers Ozcar has his own secret agenda in store for her and her team. Will they be able to retrieve the dangerous weapon and put an end to Ozcar’s illegal business, or will they run out of time and fall prey to the man they are trying to take down?