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"The Ballad of Heartman & Songstress"

by JL Civi

A little woman lives in your brain. She wants to meet the man in your heart.
a remixed b-side that's not exactly a love story...
# Adventure
# Fantasy
# Pulp
# Weird
# Sweet

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Benji met Jessica at a grocery store. Jessica met Kenny in Jamaica. Songstress met Heartman inside Jessica's body. When King Evilon kidnaps Songstress, Heartman must rally an army to rescue her—and Jessica—from his clutches before it's too late. By saving her he'll save them all. Not exactly a love story, The Ballad of Heartman & Songstress is a 25K word standalone novella originally released as Side B to the full-length novel L Extreme. Both works are inspired by the album A Love Extreme by musician Benji Hughes. "Serious creativity. Kind of a cross between Douglas Adams and I'm not sure who." -T Sutton "One of the funniest battle scenes I have read in a while." -A Wylam "This is the goofiest, funniest, most ridiculous story idea. I love it!!!!" -D Vaal "Every time I read my lyrics I think the book is genius." -Benji Hughes