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"The Life of An Angel on Earth"
by Cynthia Staton
A Glimpse into the Heart of Victoria
Amazing Grace in little moments
Available in MOBI and ePub

It has been many years since Victoria has taken residence up in Heaven with our Heavenly Father. I know she is happy there and even though I miss her tremendously I know that I will see her again. I look forward to that day with the very fibers of my being. Until then, I will hold on to and cherish the memories of the times that I did get to spend with her here on Earth. And I am going to share those precious moments with the world. The full book will be called ‘Amazing Grace: The Heart of Victoria’. This is but a glimpse into her life. Little morsels to hopefully bring a smile to your face as they do to mine. She was a wonderful treasure. A true gem that I had the honor to call my daughter. I hope that you will enjoy these small insights and that it will make you want to know more about my little angel, Victoria.