"Traitors Unseen"

by Dave Dobson

No one left to trust
A fantasy adventure with mystery, betrayal, and a sinister conspiracy

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Provisional Inspector Emerra Denault is working on a case with her mentor investigating some stolen money. Everything seems straightforward, but then she is accused of a crime she would never commit. On the run from both her enemies and her friends and not sure of which is which, Emerra must solve the mystery of her betrayal and uncover the plot that led to her misfortune. That plot, still in motion, is deep and deadly. It would give the city she loves over to relentless murderers bent on power. Emerra faces criminals, corruption, magic, villainous nobles, and rot within the Guild she serves. She must overcome them all to save Frosthelm and to stay alive. Set in the world of the Inquisitors' Guild that began with Flames Over Frosthelm, this rollicking adventure is a complete story with new characters. It is set ten years before the events in Flames Over Frosthelm.